Optionality - A Hack to Achieve Freedom

In every system, the parts operate in a fixed way. They do the same thing every time. Hacks open doors to have the same parts do so much more. Same inputs, same cogs, same everything - except one small change.

Optionality is a hack that - up until very recently - people kept hidden.

Optionality is the idea that we never need to do something if we want to. Instead, we decide one everything.

Optionality is a state being where you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You guessed it: it’s because there are always other options.

Freedom for many people means the ability to decide. Through this state of being, people can develop a sense of what they like, want, and will work to achieve in life. The days of having to take a crap job to make ends meet are still here. The amount of time people who have to continue doing that crap job is getting shorter and shorter.

With the internet and its awesome inventions, people (even average people without much skill, can make money online). By making money online, they are then able to quit the jobs they don’t like. Leave the toxic relationships that support (enslave) them, and more. The feeling of “having to do it” just to get by in life is fading. It’s also affecting fewer people.

40 years ago, most people did not the option to start a business. There was no internet, it cost a lot, and it just wasn’t as easy as it is now. Plus, the risks were greater. To make up the money, people would add debt they couldn’t afford.

Things have changed. Today, a 16 year old can make money online with a basic laptop. The idea of working odd-jobs until school’s over is slowly ending. It’s already ended in a way, but some people just aren’t aware or are too fixed on the old way to change.

That one friend who is too cool for the rest of us

Without options, it’s hard to maintain freedom. If there’s only one way to make money, guess what, you probably will have to play by its rules.

But what happens after people don’t need that job anymore, and can make their own money? It’s very common to get drunk with the options, and forget what really matters.

How often does someone who’s nice today, become a jerk when they’re rich? Ever seen someone ignore you at the party and then be your friend later when they need something? That person was always flirty until their glow-up - then suddenly they want nothing to do with you anymore?

Welcome to the tough parts of optionality. Your friends, relationships, work, and life are all subject to what people need and want. People are using you for something, and it’s so easy to miss. For attention, affection, for money, etc. That doesn’t mean they dislike you, it just means that the level of emotion may not be so real.

They may love their job when they need money, and then suddenly, realize that if not for the money they’d bail. Do they hate the job? Not necessarily, it’s just not first on their list anymore.

The same goes for you. Whether you know it or not, the level of emotion will change depending on how much you need something.