Learning New Stuff

The Good & The Bad

I've been reflecting on learning lately because I've found myself stuck.

There's always more to learn. There's only so much you can learn if you're not actively doing something. The reps are important, but there needs to be an opportunity to actually do the thing.

So this brings me to a predicament where I don't have the opportunities to try out the things I want to learn. For example, I'd love to learn more about making good deals. The issue is that there isn't always an opportunity to make it happen right now. These are business deals, I'm not necessarily buying my way in, but looking for opportunities regardless.

Now that I'm keeping myself with launching 21 projects in 2021 (a number I may not even hit btw), there's really a sense that time is limited.

So while deal-making is just an example, it illustrates a point about time constraints that I never ran into when I was learning new things before. Why? Because before I didn't understand or appreciate how important it is to get the reps in.

The thing about my approach so far that I've loved is that I'm good at studying. At least when I like the subject matter. It's quick, effective, and my system is working.

The downside is that I can't seem to wrap my head around creating time in order to get the reps in.

Maybe it's not as much about the time but more so around deal-flow. What if I could source the deals quickly and easily and then take my pick from what I want? I don't have much of a personal brand right now. There aren't people rushing to come and try and make a deal happen with me as it is.

But there are people asking me for business advice often. Maybe that's the angle that I should pursue? I'm not sure. What I do know is that making time to get the reps in just can't be ignored.

Where is that time to come from? Am I to just focus on cutting out lower priority tasks and making time for this? Or perhaps I should focus on creating new resources that I can use to speed up the process? What if the brand was bigger? What if I had more capital to deploy? Since I'm not at this full time a fund probably isn't the best idea right now (at least not a big one).

What would I cut out to create more time? Maybe "cut out" isn't the right word for it. Maybe I'm better off focusing on making the most of the things I already do. Have another look at automation, elimination, or maybe finally investing in that assistant (even if they're virtual).

The challenge with learning is creating the time to execute what I'm learning.

The challenge with creating the time is finding what to eliminate, automate, or delegate.

Options are to do another audit, but I don't believe that'll yield much right now. Maybe the best bet is to focus on learning less and creating more opportunities based on what I already know. Not sure. But it's an angle worth considering.