Real Ones

The choices that matter

It’s an amazing thing, when after so many different options, we make choices anyway. Because it’s when we know that choice really means a lot to us.

Have a million different ways of making money, but choose a certain business, and it means that business really matters to you.

It’s the same for our style, where we eat, the brands we buy, and the people we choose to keep in our lives.

They matter exactly because we don’t need to settle for this option. We choose this path.

Recently, I’ve been coming to grips with the choices that really matter to me, and if they are making me the person I want to be. Do I have what I want, have I become who I wanted to be, and am I excited about what’s next?

Generally, the answers are yes. But there is one critical question that’s helped me figure out if my choices matter.

If I were a friend, would I be a real one, and am I that kind force for myself?

Choices create life

I’ve been playing with an idea that our life is the accumulation of all the decisions we make. Over time, these decisions add up to a life.

This theory removes the idea that some parts of life are not up to us. The longer the time-horizon, the more valid the theory becomes. You may not be able to choose where you live as a child, but as an adult, you do have that choice.

Now, I’m not saying I buy the theory completely. But, there is something there I’d like to explore.

If all of the choices we make add up to a life.

Then it’s the small decisions, every day, that have the biggest impact.

It’s not the one big decision that sets us off in a complete new direction. It’s not about moving to another country, or quitting our jobs.

The choices that slowly compound and create lasting benefits are the ones that matter. In an interconnected world, this has never been more true.

Think of it on a longer time-horizon.

Every day we choose to be lazy is shaping our life, much more so than the one decision we made to move. Five years later, will that place or our chronic laziness, have a greater impact?

Life is about the decisions we make every day. Do the big, milestone decisions matter? Of course (ask people who married the wrong person).

But all-in-all, let’s not forget that the smaller, daily decisions also matter.

Real ones know this.