Suits (the show)

What a time to be alive

I have a strange relationship with Suits. It's not just that I like the show (I do). It's that I modelled much of my early career around being MIke and learning from Harvey.

It's so weird, I know. But it's really true.

I was never much of the social type. I sucked talking to people, was always extremely introverted, and despised social engagements. I partied a bit when I was younger, but that was different. It wasn't structured. I sucked at business, couldn't do deals, and didn't understand what makes people really tick.

So I did what I do, I read books about it. Studied people who were good with people. Turned to history books to understand the greats of different generations, what they had in common, and attempted to reverse engineer what made them so great.

None of it worked.

Knowing that I just didn't have it in me, I had to force myself to learn. I needed to put myself on some kind of death ground where there was no option but to learn. Death is an extreme term, but I needed real skin in the game. Until that point, there had never been a real motivator to push me to learn.

That changed.

I decided to take the sales skills I had and put them in a different context. I was always fine at convincing people to do things (I had sales experience), but it wasn't the same thing as mastering social situations.

Back to Suits.

I wrote a blog (it was anonymous), about psychology, human nature, and history. I combined what I studied with what I loved in an attempt to triangulate the best position to be in. The skills to learn and develop. But that blog was more than my ramblings. It was my attempt at understanding what business people wanted to see in a junior that worked under them.

That blog was written with an audience of people like Harvey Spectre in mind.

Absurd, trust me I know. But I did that hoping I'd eventually be in a position where I had to learn these skills.

It blows my mind now that it worked. I showed it to a few people here and there, and eventually, it caught the attention of the guy who went on to hire me. I ended up being Mike (as much as it was bitter-sweet), and I learned what I needed to learn to develop my career on my own terms.

When we really take the time to focus on what we want, things can really change.

I always think about how a blog I wrote to attract the attention of a fictional character (to convince him to hire me no less), ended up leading to someone hiring me for a high-pressure job that gave me the exact skills I was looking for. It was not easy, mind you. My nerd side developed, but my social side really transformed.

It reminds me that anything's possible. What a time to be alive.