Tiny Fights

Where life is going

The more I think about it, the more I realize that life is being dictated by the tiny fights we have each day. Not with each other, but with ourselves.

When we get into tiny fights with ourselves, it becomes easy to tell where our life is going. Do we win or do we lose? Do we beat our procrastination, or do we put it off to the next day? Do we beat the need to assert boundaries, or do we give in to small encroachments each day?

The easiest way to identify where life is going is to find the trajectory fo the tiny fights we win and lose.

Winning these fights

If I were training for a competition, I’d do everything I could to win. That’s obvious. And a pickup game in a local gym takes much less preparation than a championship game for college athletes.

Fights are the same way. Fight for a title and you’ll train differently than when you prepare for a light sparring match with your friends.

But the tiny fights we have every day are just as important. Each one has value, and to train for some more than others won’t cut it. It’s about consistency.

One thing that works is creating systems. Make the fight unfair. If it’s a fight between your desire to workout and your desire to stay home, put the gym next to your bed. Your odds of winning are higher.

Just make sure to manage your energy. It’s easy to win a fight when it’s the first thing you do. It’s hard to win after a hard day full of other fights. If you really want to win, manage your energy.

Lastly, stop fighting losing battles (until you’re ready). If you know you can’t go to the gym every day, fight that battle once a week. The list goes on. Sometimes it’s better to avoid the fight altogether, and pick your fights.

The most important fight is the one against yourself. But it doesn’t happen once. You’re always fighting that battle. Good luck.