When sales gets easier

The though truth

Sales is the hardest job there is, but it gets easier.

It's hard because of the "schmoozing" or the boiler room tactics people feel like they have to use. In fact, it's the opposite. What's hard about it comes down to details and discipline. Many salespeople are great at "working a room" being likeable and starting a conversation. Why? Because it's the easiest part. It's not hard to talk and be a decent person. It's hard to manage 800 leads a month, keep organizing, remembering follow-ups, and driving every deal to a decision (whether it's in your favour or not).

What's harder than the details and discipline is the mental toughness it takes to succeed in sales.

See, most people view salespeople very negatively. Ironically, a company's chief salesperson is the CEO. But most people don't think of CEOs negatively - because most people don't know CEOs are salespeople.

The most valuable person you can be in a company is the entry-level salesperson that just crushes it. You are paid the least and make a ton of money. It's incredible. It's also the position with the seemingly lowest status, at least in my experience, and you become the one most people don't like. Senior execs are threatened by your value. Your peers get jealous of how good you are (the ones who don't get it, anyway).

What breaks most salespeople is the training, and the mental toughness they don't have to get through having to be "the bitch" in the company that few people respect. Exceptions apply to companies that really invest in the culture of their company to truly appreciate a great sales function and amazing salespeople.

What's waiting for the great salespeople

They're future CEOs. Once they learn to sell more than just the product but to also sell the vision, the mission, and themselves.

It'll be game over. I have no doubt that my early experiences in sales are the reason why I'm able to start profitable projects one after another. The ability to observe, understand, and align something to benefit someone else (while charging for it), is what will create the future business leaders of the world.

The next thing to learn is also how to understand the marketplace more generally. Once this empathy is clear on an interpersonal level, it must be elevated to also understand the great market. The trends that create mass movements of people acting on something. Even if trends don't make money right away, there's always an opportunity to monetize a mass movement.

Sure, people worry about ethics. But that's something to always worry about whether people are great salespeople or not. The greatest business people of our time, like otherwise normal people, share the same human nature.

Perhaps the goal is not to teach people how to sell and create successful businesses. Maybe, just maybe, it's also about instilling the values of how business can have a great impact on the world. In fact, it's this great impact on society that allows for the greatest monetary benefits as well.