Shiny Object Syndrome is Good For You

Shiny Object Syndrome is Good For You

They call Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) the disease of distraction. Know why? They say it's because attention is too divided and so we lose focus - and that's why we lose.

But they're wrong.

Shiny Object Syndrome doesn't cause failure.

Failure happens when we can't execute fast enough and/or well enough.

Some entrepreneurs just don't want to admit they weren't good enough. So, they made up a whole syndrome to maintain plausible deniability and protect their egos.

Advice to "focus on one thing" is not about the optimal outcome.

People tell you to avoid SOS because of their own limiting beliefs.

It's the same reason why parents tell their children to go to school, get a good job, and work until retirement (safe).

What's wrong with letting your mind wander to what it finds interesting? Nothing.

The problem is not doing anything about it.

Execution is still everything.

Look at people who launch many projects quickly and with great success. Shiny Object Syndrome is their secret weapon. It's the idea engine!

So what's the difference between us and them?

They just have better execution.

  • Not afraid to get started (even if it's not perfect).
  • Learned how to launch something quickly (technology + media).
  • Promote it well (who cares what haters think).
  • Set a team in place to take over once launching is over.

I assure you this:

The vast majority of people who tell you Shiny Object Syndrome is bad can't launch a project in a week, promote it, and establish a team to run the day-to-day. If they could, they'd be doing it over and over again.

The rest make their money on just one thing (lucky).

A New Way:

So instead of grand-standing about focus, improve your execution.

Let your mind wander, it's an amazing thing.

Thanks for reading!